Inspection & Audit


We inspect them all, from the construction site, production area to the office and Boardroom. Not sure how your facility stands up to legislation requirements. We can advise you as to your level of compliance.

Pre-workwell Audit

Section 82 of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act enables the WSIB to consider the actual health and Safety conditions of the workplace. Workwell focuses its resources on employers who have demonstrated poor accident cost and frequency experience and or sub-standard compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act. These firms unfairly add burden to other employers in a WSIB rate group. Companies who are audited must receive at least a 75% score to pass. If they do not they are given 6 months to improve their shortfalls. If the employer fails a second, time an additional premium charge will be applied to the companies base annual premium. This additional charge may be in the range of 10 to 75%.
Accent Safety can use the Workwell audit to assist your company if:

You have been targeted by WSIB
You suspect your performance may attract a Workwell Audit or;
You would like to ensure compliance with Workplace Safety Insurance Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act, or just protect your employees and your business.